By working with sutton design on your project, you get a lot more for your money than going the kitchen showroom route:
  1. We know how to design to a budget.
  2. We rarely specify factory cabinets purchased through showrooms, and when we do, we're the factory rep. you won't pay the retail markup that kitchen showrooms charge.
  3. When we handle cabinet orders for clients, whether custom or semi-custom, our markup is never more than a disclosed 25% over cost -- far less than showrooms.
We are completely transparent with billing and charges. Our fee structure is simply explained:
  • Design fees are a flat 12.5% of a project budget for a complete kitchen design, ready to hand to a general contractor and all relevant vendors and subcontractors.
  • To the extent we handle any orders, markups are a flat 25% over our disclosed cost.
  • Project management, ordering, site work, etc. is additional and subject to negotiated terms.